in California textbooks CAN cost more than tuition

Thank you, Governor Newsom for making a visionary commitment & stepping up for our college students.

facts about textbooks
  • 7/10 community college students reported being food or housing insecure. 25% of college students need to work extra hours to afford course materials. 19% said that they decided what course to take based on the cost of materials. ZTC savings make a critical difference in their ability to continue their studies.

  • A recent pilot program in California allowed 23 colleges to build 34 degree or certificate pathways which were entirely free of a textbook cost. It was an unqualified success. These 34 pathways saved over 23,000 students more than $42 million--a more than 8x return on investment.

  • In a review of over 179,000 letter grades, the ZTC degree program boasts a 3.1% increase for ZTC students, compared to non-ZTC students.

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